We are obsessed with
making work, work

Ever do the same thing over and over with no end in sight?

Most accounting and finance pros can say yes. With Ayodia, that’s changing. By taking manual tasks off of desks via Accounting Seed and Salesforce automation, we usher in a degree of efficiency and freedom most businesses never thought possible.

The resulting cost savings, error elimination, and growth potential?


But so is the temptation to cut talent that’s no longer needed. Which brings us to the heart of who we are. Ayodia’s calling goes beyond financial process automation. We strive to work with clients who, instead of eliminating staff, choose instead to utilize them in new, more meaningful ways once many remedial tasks have been eliminated through automation. Companies eager to seize a rare opportunity to leave repetition to the machines and explore human potential’s reach. Lucky for all of us, this approach almost always births profit.

Sound like the kind of thing you think about? Let’s talk

Our Foundational

Ayodia’s knowledge of Salesforce automation apps

Especially Accounting Seed is second to none. We simplify complicated financial processes to an unmatched degree, allowing businesses to sharpen their edge and unleash their teams’ higher functions. A win for all.

We get to know clients
inside and out

Pushing well past accounting and finance, our discovery process grants us an in-depth understanding of company culture, objectives, hurdles, and operating environments and the automation and synchronization opportunities therein.

By specializing in industry

We’re at the forefront of larger trends, best practices, technology, and strategy in those spaces. Deep industry experience also means we know relevant technology including Health Cloud, Financial Services Cloud and Nonprofit Success Pack like the back of our hands.



Elevating business outcomes via automation is only half of Ayodia’s driving goal. Elevating people is the other. Because it’s great for business and because it’s the right thing to do, Ayodia works exclusively with clients looking to automate financial processes for obvious reasons (Cost savings! Live reporting! Visual metrics! Error elimination!) and a less obvious one: To tap their team’s higher functioning. Our clients’ employees, freed from mundane tasks, have gone on to contribute dramatically to forward-facing business development, data visualization, resource allocation, financing strategies, and more with big impacts on their employers’ bottom lines.

Leadership Team


Managing Director – Customer Solutions

Before founding Ayodia in 2012, Emmett was the Chief Financial Officer of publicly-traded TelVue Corporation and President of WineAccess, an e-commerce company. At WineAccess he implemented a wide range of process automations, leading it to substantial profitability. He has consulted on more than 30 SalesForce projects. He received graduate degrees from Columbia University in finance and his BA (economics) from the University of Pennsylvania.

Email: [email protected]


Managing Director – Technology & Delivery

Kunal has over 12 years of SalesForce development experience. Prior to joining Ayodia, He was a Senior Analyst and Consultant at Deloitte Consulting and Application Developer at IBM Global Service. Kunal has been responsible for the training of over 100 SalesForce developers. Kunal is certified for: Salesforce.com Platform Advanced Developer (FDC 320), Authorized Salesforce Consultant (Level III), Service Oriented Architecture Certification (IBM SOA), Sun Certified Java Programmer, Sun Certified Web Component Developer. Kunal has a BS in technology and IT from Kurukshetra University.

Email: [email protected]