Chaos Stealing
the Show? Meet

The logistics of music and theatre production, publishing, and IP licensing too often play out like tragedies, killing profit margins and behind the scenes morale.

By synthesizing accounting and finance operations and company objectives, Ayodia automates the countless disjointed tasks and systems essential to your venue or business. Connecting every loose end and serving as a bridge between accounting, finance and business operations – we introduce unmatched ease and flexibility.

Bit by Bit, Putting it

Financial Processes


  • Advances
  • Royalties
  • Professional Fees
  • Studio
  • Others


  • IP (Music, Theatrical, Movie)
  • Publishing
  • Licensing

Publishing and
Licensing Processes

  • Administration (Attorney,
    Project Manager)
  • BA
  • A&R
  • Clearance (percentages)
  • IP Specs (length, timing
  • Principal Artists (Agents)
  • Other Artists (Agents)
  • Labels (Agreements)
  • Genres
  • Media Coverage Scoring
  • Influencer identification
  • Social/Sentiment indicators
  • Sales data

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Samuel French Case Study

Learn how we helped a major publisher of live plays (10,000+ titles) shift from
“order taker” to sophisticated value-add marketer through automation
and artificial intelligence.

Orchestrate all
your financial and
business processes
through Salesforce

Combing our deep Accounting Seed experience with Salesforce technical prowess, we help alleviate the biggest headaches of running your business – repetitive, manual tasks. And ultimately hope to impact job satisfaction by freeing up your team to tackle higher-value activities.

Just some of the services and outcomes we implement on behalf of Entertainment industry clients:

  • Account Seed Implementation
  • Salesforce set up & workflow builds
  • Marketing Cloud strategic planning & process integration
  • Distinct policy and agency management planning
  • Consultation & implementation of more robust process flows
  • Creation of custom reporting & visualized dashboards
  • Content production & Legal process integration