Stronger Process, People,
    and Profits

    In order to empower your people and grow your profits, it takes a firm commitment
    to centralize operations and streamline processes. It also takes a partner like Ayodia
    who has been there and done it.

    Here are the nine steps we’ll take to optimize Accounting Seed and automate
    essential accounting processes.


    Maybe you’ve recently added Accounting Seed to Salesforce and need help with implementation. Maybe you’ve been using Accounting Seed (or a related application) for awhile, with so-so results. Whatever the specifics, we want to hear it all: Where you’ve come from, where you’re going, what keeps you awake at night, and which processes you want to automate.


    Hand us the mic (or headset)! We are excited to share a vision for the automation we can bring to your operations that often reaches far past accounting and financial operations. Typically, our proposals equate to thousands of hours saved on manual tasks each year.


    Often everyone’s favorite part of the process! We bring your people and ours together for some real talk and a deep dive. This is where we get a full picture of your operations – business, sales, marketing, financial processes. We’ll get into the details of your value chain to analyze current processes. Our wheels really start turning. We facilitate, which is key to collecting honest thoughts. The “aha” moments are many.


    Using what we’ve learned, we draw up a detailed document outlining our proposed timeline, quote, and deliverables.


    We’re off, designing your customized Salesforce automation! We’ll begin to feel like an extension of your team as we immerse ourselves in your workplace and start handing you necessary reins via user training and tutorials.


    We’ll connect with you, usually weekly, to ensure that automation is seamless and that your team is capitalizing on its many features and benefits. We ask that all project members regularly attend these calls to ensure that everyone is on track. Otherwise, automation goes underutilized.


    We run automation testing on an ongoing basis, occasionally enlisting you to run through workflows to ensure that every functionality is in check.


    On an ongoing basis, we make sure your team knows how to use and wring dry your custom integration. We train on everything from basic functionality to tapping automated reports to identifying and building on key business drivers.


    When you need us, as you need us, we’re here to keep your Salesforce automation up to speed.