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Most Ayodia customers see net gains in the wake of our Salesforce automation and consulting services not from automation alone, but from automation working in tandem with a team of employees freed up to focus on grander problem-solving and possibilities. Here are some of the projects we’ve worked on and made a meaningful impact in areas of accounting customizations, integration with non-salesforce apps and custom app development.

Integration of the Nonprofit Success Pack with Accounting Seed with automated coding for GL Accounts, Funds and Cost Centers, for a range of gift types ranging from pledges to credit card donations from the Client’s web site and from special events.

Implementation and customizations of the leading SalesForce based insurance agency management package – Tech Canary – with Accounting Seed Financial Suite.

Accounting Seed implementation with HealthCloud, including automated claims payable management and patient plan enrollment communications with Conga, as well as a provider portal.

For client with Accounting Seed and Advologix, the leading SalesForce based law firm practice management application, implementation of a time-card period to regulate changes in time entry – to preserve accounting integrity and provide a uniform trigger for the creation of journal entries; Creation of an electronic billing capability based on the LEDES standard; Implementation of multi-currency for valuation of hours billed.



The Girl Scouts of the USA sponsors thousands of camps and activities every year, for millions of girls. These are purchased on its web site. The organization needed proper automated general ledger entries, as well as detail order, receivable and revenue entries. Revenue on these events can only be recognized at the start of the event, often months in the future.

Ayodia customized Accounting Seed to create the tens of thousands of general ledger entries needed for the initial transactions, and (automatically) the deferred revenue recognition entries that are triggered on event start dates.


A national pet food manufacturer and distributor, found Accounting Seed the best SalesForce accounting solution for its operations, but needed greater visibility into its cost of sales by 3PL location, with receiving and pick and pack costs fully incorporated. Ayodia recommended a change from FIFO to moving (weighted) average inventory costing, which is often used for commodity costing.

When the client agreed, we created an Accounting Seed customization which calculated and updated the weighted average inventory cost upon each raw materials delivery and automatically, relieved inventory and booked cost of sales appropriately for its many finished product mixes.


An organization which grows through software development sought an easy way for its procurement and milestone-based payments to be rolled up into a single balance sheet asset. Amortization for all capitalized outlays on a project needed to start from a single in-service date. In addition, the company sought tighter connections with capital asset records and the purchase order and payables modules of the accounting system.

Ayodia customized the accounting system – Accounting Seed – so that purchase order screens now enable designation of a capital asset, and a depreciation group. Capital assets are now linked to their purchase orders and payables. Ayodia made additional changes to simplify depreciation over extended periods, and created features to track location, custodianship, condition, and deployment history for assets that are put in the field to serve the clients customer base.


A network security consulting company found that it was very difficult for its business development team to calculate and bid projects with the array of services that it had that were highly dependent on nodes, software assets, devices, locations and depth of service.

To solve this problem, Ayodia proposed and built an application which fit between SalesCloud and Accounting Seed to provide a highly flexible framework which would allow the finance team to configure from basic element, which BD could then easily quote and sell.


One of the largest travel services marketing companies was interested in the ability of a subsidiary to increase its efficiency in processing payables.

Ayodia adapted Accounting Seed for rapid entry and built an interface for bi-directional from the parent company general ledger so that both billing and payables are now available through Accounting Seed on the client’s SalesForce implementation – to complete the 360 view of its accounts with full financial data.


A company with a large customer base and significant resources devoted to receivables management needed an automation of email collections, with escalating messaging over a period of six weeks. Now its collections team only needs to be involved in the 5% of late pays that are outstanding after the email cycle.



Ayodia customized Accounting Seed to be compliant with International Accounting Standards for a high technology company with a Thai distribution subsidiary. In addition, we created reporting forms for the Revenue Department of Thailand.



A manufacturing client needed additional visibility on its product build schemes to accommodate multi-level parts with nested tabular displays showing costs.

Ayodia provided this customization with an implementation of Accounting Seed.

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A marketing research and services company wanted to eliminate the manual transfer of data (downloaded to Excel spread sheets) from a 3rd party proprietary system which handles the registration and management of over 100,000 mystery shoppers.

Ayodia integrated the PRISM system with Accounting Seed, so that stores shopped, dates, and shopped-store billings can be automatically ingested by SalesForce, with billing creation, and shopper payment through PayPal and automated general ledger entries are now made. In addition to substantially reducing the accounting finance workload the automation has reduced errors and made the company’s business model more scalable.







One of the largest and oldest performing arts licensing organizations had a sales and fulfillment team bogged down by the lack of access to information on licensing opportunities at the hundred of production venues throughout the United States, Britain and Australia. Its business development team had to “commute” between its public facing web site and SalesForce when looking for dramas to pitch to stage producers.

The overall process required an integration with a RightsLine – a 3rd party platform which managed rights and license payments by author and geography and kept the business development team in the loop on licensing status.

Ayodia designed a system which kept the web-site and SalesForce libraries in sync, and matched producing organizations with library suggestions automatically, creating the opportunity for automated Pardot-based targeted campaigns.







A large U.S. non-profit manages billings and revenue collection for over a hundred local affiliates through its web site which processes millions of transactions each year. The non-profit had a significant commitment to SalesForce for its member and event management, and was not prepared to change its accounting system or push its affiliates to do the same.

Ayodia created a customization of Accounting Seed to manage the billing, receivables, and cash receipt processes (by member) with the ability to inject the appropriate general ledger entries into the separate (non-SalesForce) accounting systems of both the parent and affiliate organizations.







An organization with a lowest cost processing strategy and high transaction volumes sought to streamline its interaction with 3rd party healthcare payment processors. Ayodia designed and implemented NACHA file payment as a “native” Accounting Seed option, along with automated of ingestion of inbound bank wires via BAI files, and an automated system for matching wires to outstanding billings.

Ayodia designed and implemented NACHA file payment as a “native” Accounting Seed option, along with automated ingestion of inbound bank wires via BAI files, and an automated system for matching wires to outstanding billings.







An e-commerce company in the medical supplies industry was interested in migrating to Accounting Seed, but was committed to adopting the Magento e-commerce system.

Ayodia created an integration and customization so that the company’s web-site transaction now create general ledger entries, for an overall integration which eliminates manual data management, errors and provides sales and operations an immediate integrated view of the business.











A network security company was interested in closer ties with its customer base, so Ayodia implemented a Customer Community to provide real-time information on customer service. This was followed by a request that the system used for case management by the development team – Jira – be integrated with SalesForce, with select information from Jira available for customer service and Community access. Ayodia integrated SalesForce ServiceCloud with Jira so that cases can be created in Jira from ServiceCloud, and tracked by customer service reps for progress by the development team.

Ayodia integrated SalesForce ServiceCloud with Jira so that cases can be created in Jira from ServiceCloud, and tracked by customer service reps for progress by the development team.

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SalesForce based custom application to reconcile Employer reported withholding of union member dues, insurance fees and political donations with contract provisions for tens of thousands of healthcare workers.




A network security consulting firm with a very rapidly growing nationwide practice engaged Ayodia on a project to implement SalesForce platform based accounting system (Accounting Seed)with an integration with a leading professional services practice management package (also SalesForce based).

To help the company with a recurring cost burden that it projected with multiple SalesForce application licenses, Ayodia developed for a one-time (no monthly per-seat or other costs), a practice management app, with all of the features on the application the client was considering – resource and project management, automated project creation from the sales order, along with a pricing front end integrated with SalesCloud, which guided business developers into finance approved pricing under a complex service offering.




A B2B company had resource and business model constraints which made it time consuming and difficult for its business developers to identify which offerings (among thousands) to proactively market to its market.

Ayodia developed a SalesForce based app which matched offerings to target clients based on histories and a multi-dimensional profiling system with improvement feedback loops. The application was integrated with financial data and processes that acted as constraints and provided optimization criteria.

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