Meeting the healthy
of our
Healthcare clients

Ayodia is the bridge between healthcare accounting and business objectives – objectives like increasing scale, integrating systems, and creating greater flexibility and efficiency.

This usually begins with the decision to consolidate processes on the Salesforce platform, utilizing Accounting Seed (a native app on Salesforce) to streamline accounting and related financial tasks.

Creating a holistic
healthcare processes

Ayodia combines deep healthcare industry expertise with Accounting Seed and Salesforce technical prowess to build a holistic ecosystem that automates processes, freeing up teams to tackle higher-concept business development and goals.


Just some of the services and outcomes we implement on behalf of our Healthcare clients:


  • Accounting Seed implementation
  • Community Cloud client portal builds
  • Call and texting integration within Health Cloud workflow
  • Salesforce and third party app integration
  • Proactive Salesforce services and solutions updates
  • Ongoing, ahead-of-the-curve maintenance

“We started with Ayodia for a customization of Accounting Seed with automations in claims processing, fixed assets and bank transactions. Based on the success of that initiative, Ayodia’s agility, broad Salesforce knowledge and deep team we have included them in our growth plans with follow-on projects, such as SalesForce Communities. I am confident they are totally committed to our success.”

Steve Alsene, CFO

The Assistance Fund